Three-Strikes Advocates Marc Klaas, Mike Reynolds, and Bill Jones Endorse Judge Bailey

FRESNO, CALIFORNIA – Missing children and victims’ rights advocate Marc Klaas, Three-Strikes public advocate Mike Reynolds, and Three-Strikes author Bill Jones, a former California Secretary of State, have endorsed retired Superior Court Judge Steven Bailey for California Attorney General in the June primary election.


“I am honored to have the support of Marc Klaas, Mike Reynolds, and Bill Jones as I seek the office of Attorney General,” said Judge Steven Bailey. “They have never given up the fight for justice since the tragic murders of their daughters, Kimber Reynolds and Polly Hannah Klaas, and their work inspires me every day to continue fighting for California families. The fight for victims’ rights is a cause I believe in and I’m proud to join these persistent leaders in pursuit of policies that honor victims’ families and keep California safe so that others do not have to know that pain,” expressed Judge Steven Bailey.


“When one political party controls every elected office in California, a very unhealthy and dangerous environment is created that can dictate laws, rules, and regulations that impact and affect every Californian,” said Mike Reynolds.


“One of the few offices that is the key to check and balance this condition is the California Attorney General, whose office is tasked with the oversight of providing honest titles and summaries for California’s ballot initiatives,” explained Reynolds.


After the tragic murder of his 18 year old daughter, Kimber, outside a Fresno restaurant in 1992, Mike Reynolds became the chief public advocate of Proposition 184 sentencing law — California’s landmark “Three Strikes and You’re Out.” This doubles sentences for second offenders and forces many three-time offenders to face sentences of 25 years to life in prison.


“The voters rely on an honest title with a true and simple explanation of a proposed initiative and its impact on California. What we have received in recent past elections have been deceptive and out-and-out lies,” declared Reynolds.


“When state ballots say they will improve public safety but instead undo our crime laws, thus placing more criminals on our streets, we easily see the need for an honest Attorney General. I can wholeheartedly recommend and endorse Judge Steven Bailey for Attorney General, who can’t be bought or bullied by strongarm politicians or special interests,” concluded Reynolds.


Judge Bailey, a strong believer in the Three-Strikes law, is honored by the endorsement of Marc Klaas, father of Polly Klass. In the wake of his daughter’s kidnapping and murder in 1993, Marc continues to be an ardent advocate for missing children. He established the KlaasKids Foundation which works to prevent crimes against children, recover missing children, and lobbies for laws, including the use of Amber Alerts in all 50 states. Polly’s murder highlighted the danger of repeat offenders and the failure of rehabilitation, which led to the passage of the landmark Three-Strikes sentencing law in 1994.


“It is a pleasure and an honor to endorse Judge Steven Bailey for Attorney General. His experience in the judicial system and past experience in state government under Governor George Deukmejian will serve the people of California well. He will help keep California safe,” stated Bill Jones.


Jones served as California Secretary of State from 1995-2003. Prior to being elected Secretary of State, Jones represented the 32nd district in the California State Assembly from 1982-1994. While serving in the Assembly, Jones authored Proposition 184, California’s landmark Three-Strikes sentencing law, and served as leader of the Assembly Republicans in 1991.


“The leadership of Bill Jones on the Three-Strikes law demonstrated his passion for justice and protecting the public. Bill Jones is someone who understands how to use the power of elected office to achieve protective results for the people of California,” said Judge Steven Bailey. “I will follow in his lead and use the office of the Attorney General to advocate policies that will keep people safe, respect the rule of law, and ensure the justice system works for everyone,” declared Judge Steven Bailey.



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