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Meet Steven Bailey

California needs an Attorney General who knows the law and the true impact on its families. As a retired Judge of the Superior Court of California, he has seen the impact and have enforced our laws according to our Constitution – not the political whim of the day. Law enforcement agencies have endorsed the Judge because they know his proven record of standing on the side of public safety and the rule of law. Join Judge Bailey and others in their commitment to protecting California families.

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Death Penalty

Judge Steven Bailey (Ret.) believes in the death penalty and will enforce the will of the people of this state. Our voters have spoken time and time again that they support this law, a law reserved for the worst of the worst. Justice must prevail.

Sanctuary State

Judge Bailey took an oath to uphold the Constitution of the State of California and the Constitution of the United States. While others may have forgotten that sacred oath, Judge Bailey is committed to uphold all the laws of California and the United States.

Three Strikes

Judge Bailey strongly supports “Three Strikes.” This law ensures that habitual criminals are behind bars and not in our neighborhoods where they threaten our families, neighbors and our law enforcement. Some have proven that they cannot live with us and must spend their time behind bars.

Drug and Property Crimes

Judge Bailey believes that the voters were lied to by the politicians in Sacramento. They told us that reducing drug and property crimes would make our streets and schools safer. They lied. Property crimes in our neighborhoods have skyrocketed but worse yet, drug addiction has resulted in the needless deaths of hundreds if not thousands of our children. Judge Bailey will fight to change the law and protect our homes, property and our children.

Early Release

Judge Bailey believes releasing hardened offenders early from their sentences is a threat to your safety and to the safety of your friends and neighbors. It sends the wrong message—California is not serious about punishing the criminal for the crimes they commit.

Gun Control

Judge Bailey agrees with President Ronald Reagan that it would not serve any good purpose at all to disarm honest citizens and leave them at the mercy of criminals, who by definition do not follow our laws. 

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